About me

"I seek to capture contemporary scenes through paint"
My ability to create pictures first came to me when growing up in a large family. I always felt the need to find my own space. Drawing and painting developed naturally out of this. I often enjoyed going outdoors and finding inspiration to paint in the local woods and along an abandoned railway line near Crouch End and Highgate in north London. There was a sense of adventure, discovery and a quiet unnerving feeling in seeking out such places.

Much of my work continues a fascination of mine for hidden and unassuming locations such as night time street views, backlands, dual carriageways and so on. London has so many viewpoints and locations that I can discover and it is not difficult to find the familiar and the unfamiliar juxtaposed together e.g. The Shard or Canary Wharf skyscrapers - visible from long distances across the capital - seen 'propped up' by unassuming residential streets, shops and car service stations.

For me there is also an appreciation of experiencing the romance of everyday places. It is a sentiment that goes back to my childhood e.g. coach trips out of London on the North Circular Road and passing brightly lit retail parks and Underground stations. Though this sentiment might hint at nostalgia it also embraces my passion for urban landscapes that are in a continual state of change and contingency: For instance, how places are completely transformed in appearance when lit by different types of street lamps.

I attempt to capture all this through paint. I use acrylic paints because they have a modern quality that helps me to capture the brittle and bright qualities of the urban spaces that I seek out.

Born: 1972, London

BA (Hons) Illustration, University of Westminster, London
Post Graduate Diploma Communication Design, Central Saint Martin's School of Art & Design, London
Edmund Palao

Painting into the sun by the Thames
(Photo by Lauren C Windham)